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Keep it simple
The process of managing your tax can seem confusing, but it doesn't need to be.

Traditional accountants love complex structures and arrangements, because it means more business for them, but we believe in simplicity and transparency, so we won't recommend any action or process that's not absolutely necessary.

No matter how complex your particular structure may be,  there are ways to simplify your administration and processes. This is why we've built our business around our ability to find simple, common-sense solutions, which reduce cost and error, and we pass these tools onto our clients.

Automate your life
We know that doctors are very time poor, and so it's important to create ways to ensure your valuable time is spent in the most productive ways.

We invest a significant amount of time identifying and researching new technology applications, such as financial management apps and software, so that we can recommend solutions that will save you time and make your life easier.

Know where you stand
Being on top of what you're eligible to claim in terms of deductions is crucial in ensuring the best tax outcome each year.

This is why we don't offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Our service includes customised tax-planning projections, unique to your situation, so you can be confident about how much tax you will have to pay, and when, so you're not caught off guard.

Don't fly too close to the wind
We don't recommend risky or extreme tax strategies, so you can sleep at night knowing you won't wind up with a major tax bill or questions from the ATO.

ATO data matching is vastly more efficient and targeted than it used to be, so it's important that your returns are an accurate reflection of your situation.

Doctors are prime targets for risky arrangements, so don't get seduced by the promise of a massive refund - it's important that you work with a professional to determine the right strategy for you.

Invest in relationships
It's important that the professionals you're dealing with are people you trust, not only to give you good advice, but to help make you more equipped to be personally accountable for your tax situation.

We aren't in the transactional business we approach every new client engagement as the beginning of a long-term partnership, with a commitment to helping you achieve your financial goals and provide education and support along the way.

We work closely with our clients to provide expert advice so that they can achieve the best business and tax outcomes.

Tax and accounting services that make sense

Business advisory services

Whether you're setting up a new medical or dental practice, buying into an existing practice, or exiting your practice we offer expert business advice. We can help you value the business, develop a plan, and liaise with everyone involved to achieve your goals.

With our support, you'll quickly identify opportunities and challenges, and develop positive strategies for change and growth. The result? Your business will operate more efficiently and profitably.

Tax and accounting services

For the individual wage earner, we advise on salary and wage issues, including work-related deductions and fringe benefits tax.

For those further on in their careers, we offer a complete service from preparation of business activity statements (BAS) and financial statements through to complex capital gains tax calculations and business valuations.

We can also help you to set up and manage business structures to comply with the law while achieving the best tax outcomes.

We take a pro-active approach to our clients' tax and accounting needs, and offer timely and thorough responses to any questions you may have.

We can also provide advice on how to operate your medical business more efficiently and profitably, and how to minimise personal exposure to potential liability.


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