Laura Tweedy

I can honestly say that when I was asked during high school what career path I wanted to take, the only thing I was sure of was that it was not going to be accounting.

Well, that certainly changed, after completing my business administration studies I found myself working in an accounting firm. I still said to myself that this was not where I wanted to be, however, the passion my colleagues showed for helping clients was infectious. I found the accounting industry became more interesting the longer I worked within it.

After a job change and taking on more responsibilities, I have found that this area is after all a good fit for me. I love to be able to help client's sort out pressing issues with the Tax Office and other departments as well as clarify tax matters that seem like another language to them. The problems that can arise offer only more of a challenge, but once overcome are very rewarding when I can see the results received by the clients.

Every day I surprise myself with the knowledge I have gained over the years and can often be heard saying to someone "I swear Accounting is more interesting than it sounds".

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