Laura Myles

After working in the hospitality industry for a little over three years, a career change couldn't have come soon enough.

While meeting new people from all different walks of life was entertaining, the lifestyle was definitely not suited to me. So I did what a lot of people from Mackay do, packed up my little suitcase and set my sights on the 'big smoke'.

I have over recent years become more aware of the increasing number of health issues that can develop as a result of poor lifestyle choices. When making the change in scenery, I made a conscious decision to make better lifestyle choices not only for the physical benefits but to improve my overall well being.

My belief is that living a healthy lifestyle is important to your quality of life and I'm very grateful that I'm in a work environment where this view is actively shared; I appreciate that we are all able to enjoy a good work/life balance. This definitely keeps me connected to what is important to me.

Outside of work, I love being outdoors and finding different events to get involved in. I enjoy the simple pleasures in life and one of those would be going out for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Breakfast is by far the best meal of the day and I mean I do LOVE a good brekkie, especially after an early morning's training session.


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