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Where to for home values?

Posted by Medical Financial Group on 29 July 2013

We have for the last couple of years been speaking to clients about the level of indebtedness of Australian households and the impact this has on house prices. This was something that Alan Kohler mentioned on the ABC news last night so it's become mainstream thinking and on RP Data's blog today there was an interesting article about this very subject, link below:


Charging our clients flat dollar fees for our advice mean we can be impartial when it comes to where the best place for their money is. Whether it’s property or shares, it is the outcome that matters, that is delivering good levels of income to help towards financial independence. One thing that has been clear to us for sometime however is that just buying another investment property and hoping that will do the job is probably not the right answer.

If you want an unbiased opinion about your finances speak to us.

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