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They Paid!

Posted by Sean O'Kane on 28 October 2014
They Paid!

I wanted to share some good news with you about a recent  successful claim for income protection we had with OnePath, one of the insurers we use.  Somtimes when recommending insurance clients have concerns that insurers won’t pay when the time comes. This has not been our experience as a business and this is a great case in point.

We had a client who was leaving Queensland Health to work for a smaller company and thus lost her built up sick leave entitlement. We therefore recommended she add ‘short waiting period for accidents’ to her income protection. This is a great feature that pays the monthly benefit back to the first day of being off work, due to an accident, after 14 days of being off work.

In this instance, at the time of application, our client had disclosed they played regular soccer and OnePath advised they couldn’t offer this specific benefit whilst the client was playing soccer. Our client subsequently took up hockey and badly damaged her knee. When I heard this I was a little concerned that OnePath would ask questions about whether our client played regular hockey at the time of her application. Not only did they not question this but they settled the claim in just over 2 weeks and our client received just over $25k representing 2 ½ months benefit. So as you can imagine a happy client who could concentrate on recouperation without worrying about money.
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