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Is the mining boom over?....Behind the headlines...

Posted by medicalfinancial on 28 August 2012

Some of the headlines from last week in the financial press in Australia:

'BHP”s $20bn dam buster'; 'BHP deferral sounds alarm' and 'Surging costs kill BHP's $28bn Olympic dream'.

One would be forgiven for thinking the mining boom was over. In fact one headline asked exactly that question.

We attach below the NAB weekly economic roundup that helps answer this question:

NAB Weekly Economic RoundUp (Click Here to Download PDF)

In a world of 24/7 information, it can be hard for people to make informed decisions about which way to go with their finances.

As we provide un-conflicted financial advice for Doctors, through charging flat dollar fees, we look beyond the headlines to ensure our decision making for clients will give them the highest probability of achieving what's important to them.

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